Spatial Arrangement of Coastal Sama-Bajau Houses Based on Adjacency Diagram


  • Iziq Eafifi Ismail Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Abdullah Sani Ahmad Universiti Teknologi Malaysia



This research studies the diversification of space distribution in selected Sama-Bajau dwellings along the north coast of Sabah: Kudat and Pitas; and east coast of Sabah: Mabul Island. This study investigates the frequency of spatial arrangements in Sama-Bajau coastal houses as a preliminary step in understanding their ideal home based on the existing socio-culture and economic practice. Adjacency Distribution Diagram by Mushtaha et al (2011) is used for simpler and compact visual diagram that explains the space distribution in each house attended. This paper is exploratory and applies a qualitative method. This study suggests that the spatial distribution amongst coastal Sama-Bajau consists of Dynamic interconnectivity (Type A), linear configuration (Type B), Anarchy configuration (Type C and D) and Modernist influence (Type E). The frequency of given types is found to weighs more on Type B, which is a linear configuration from the entrance towards guest area and ending up to the living area. 


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